Save Energy

Cutting your energy consumption is not only good for the planet, but smart business. See how ThermoCeramix heaters have helped John K Zaid & Associates create more energy-efficient products and processes.

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Save Time

Use the power of ThermoCeramix heaters to heat up anything in a fraction of the time.  See what industry-leading performance can do for the quality of your products and the productivity of your business.

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Save Space

Give your industrial designers the pleasure of no longer working with electric heaters that take up space. Learn how thin ThermoCeramix heaters can get, and see the impact it will have on your products’ specs and designs.

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Heater Composition

ThermoCeramix heaters are composed of multi-layer coatings which together form the electric heating element.


This layer can be applied for added robustness and protection.


This layer is the core heating element.


This dielectric layer electrically insulates the heater element from the substrate.

What is thin, light, and green?

ThermoCeramix heaters can be composed of one, two, three or more layers, each one typically measuring 125–250 microns (5-10 thou).

By having almost no mass, ThermoCeramix heaters enable new applications in weight-sensitive industries and contribute to fuel-efficiency when used in transportation vehicles.

Highly energy efficient, no precious metals, no acid baths.

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Our creative team of researchers has the expertise necessary to design heater systems tailored to your needs.

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